Chef Wok proudly brings you traditional Chinese cuisine to the city of Natchitoches. Chef Larry Zhang has had over 40 years of cooking experience and has had the honor and pleasure of serving the Natchitoches community for 25 years and counting. We would like to thank you for voting us one of the Top 100 Chinese Restaurants of over 43,000 in the U.S. Please choose from Chef Larry's signature dishes that can only be tasted here in the entire world. Our ultimate goal is to serve and share with you an exceptional dining experience in our friendly and relaxed atmosphere, bringing you unique favors and experiences that you will never forget.

We are happy to present several healthy dining options to you. For your better health, our dishes contain less oil, sodium, and calories. In addition, special attention will be made to meet your personal taste and health needs if requested. Certain dishes have been marked as healthy, chosen and analyzed by exercise physiologist William Petrolli.